Profile of Sensei Rodolphe

Sensei Rodolphe is a native of Luxembourg (www.visitluxembourg.com), where he placed first in various divisions for 10 years from 1954-1964. During that period he represented his country in all European and World Championships.
Personal Best: 2nd Place (1958) in his division in Paris for the Tokyo World Championships.

Black Belt Promotions:
1956 Shodan in France by Sensei Michigami by Batsugan/Shiai
1957 Nidan in France by Sensei Michigami by Batsugan/Shiai
1962 Sandan in Luxembourg by Shiai Points
1968 Yodan in Luxembourg by Shiai Points
1975 Godan in the U.S. by SHUFU/USJF by Shiai Points
1981 Rokudan by USJA/USJI, no longer competing
1997 Shichidan by USJA/USJI
2007 Hachidan by USJA/USJI

While in the U.S., Sensei Rodolphe won several tournaments on the local level and competed one last time for Luxembourg in the 1969 World Championships in Mexico City. He was active for several years on the SHUFU/USJF Promotion Board, and as President of the NCJI. He started various clubs in the Carolinas and formed several Black Belts.

"I was fortunate to study under several well-known Sensei's such as: Ichiro Abe (now 10th Dan), Michigami, Pelletier, and Courtine. I started Aikido under Tadashi Abe and was promoted to Black Belt in 1956."

"My advice to all: Judo is an Individual Sport, but one needs good training partners (Uke) and help from others. Therefore return the favor."

"Jita Kyoei - Mutual Benefit & Welfare"

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