What Is Judo?

Judo emphasizes (but is not limited to) grappling techniques and therefore requires close proximity with your opponent.

Techniques taught in Judo can be broken down into several categories:

These techniques can be done from standing position (tachiwaza) or on the ground (newaza). All of the above classes of techniques are done in competition Judo except atemiwaza. Also, in competition Judo, many techniques are limited to minimize injury or the potential for injury. For instance, only joint locks to the elbow are allowed. No neck and leg locks are permitted.

The emphasis in Judo is to use the momentum and balance of your opponent to subdue and control them.

What is Aiki-Jitsu?

Aiki-Jitsu incorporates the original JuJitsu-Judo and Aikido technologies into a self-defense for men and women. There is no competition or tournaments as in Judo. However, the ranking (belt system) is the same: the student is tested strictly on the demonstration and effectiveness of his defense.


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